0 How to make the perfect watermelon cosmopolitan cocktail

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watermelon cosmopolitan cocktail

watermelon cosmopolitan

how to make the perfect cocktail


large martini glass cocktail shaker blender or juicer large skewer


vodka - good quality 30 mls

cointreau - 15 mls

fresh lime juice- 5 mls

fresh watermelon juice - 80 mls

fresh whole blueberries -3-4



Shake vodka, cointreau, lime and watermelon juice in the cocktail shaker to combine. Strain into the martini glass,skewer the whole blueberries and rest across the rim, then serve immediately.


To juice the watermelon, cut watermelon into small pieces, skin removed, and juice. If using a blender, finely strain.

1 large watermelon makes aproximately 4-5 litres of fresh juice



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