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Paella is a classic Spanish dish that has become famous all over the world for its savoury flavours and vibrant colours. It's a dish that has stood the test of time and continues to be enjoyed. But what makes the Roo Brothers paella so special? The answer lies in the unique combination of ingredients that come together to create this classic Spanish dish.And best of all is the socarrat. The slow, undisturbed simmering of the rice in broth means that the bottom layer will start to caramelise. It’s this crispy base of rice that makes paella a heavenly experience

Catering secrets to the perfect paella

The right paella rice

Rice is the most important ingredient in traditional paella, and choosing the right type of rice is crucial to achieving the perfect texture and flavour of the dish. Short-grain rice is preferred because it has the ability to absorb three times the liquid (and therefore much more flavour), with the grains remaining firm. Two varieties of short-grain rice that are traditionally used in paella are Bomba and Calasparra. The main brand that we use for our paellas is Virgen de la Esperanza Arroz as it is the perfect paella rice


Saffron is a key ingredient in traditional paella, and it's what gives the dish its distinct yellow colour and unique flavour. It's the most expensive spice in the world, but a little goes a long way in paella. Saffron comes from the stigmas of the crocus flower, and it takes a large number of flowers to produce a small amount of saffron. This labor-intensive process contributes to its high cost. To use saffron in paella, we steep it in hot in house chicken stock, this releases its flavour and colour. A small pinch of saffron threads is typically enough to flavour our largest paella pan. Saffron is an important ingredient in paella not only for its unique taste and colour but also for its health benefits as it's rich in antioxidants.


Meat is another important ingredient in paella, and there are several types of meat that can be used. The most common meats used in paella are chicken, rabbit, and chorizo.

Chicken and chorizo is the most commonly used meat in paella and provides a nice, mild flavour. Skin-on chicken thighs we typically used, as they hold up well during the cooking process and add flavour to the dish.

The result is a delicious and satisfying meal that is perfect for any occasion.


Seafood is another essential ingredient in our traditional paella, and it's a key element that sets it apart from other rice based dishes. The seafood used in our paella varies depending availability of fresh seafood.

Some of the commonly used seafood that we use include prawns, octopus, mussels, and squid. The mussels are usually left in their shells. Squid is typically cut into rings or bite-sized pieces before we added to the pan.

Seafood adds a distinct flavour and texture to paella, and it pairs well with the meat ingredients in the pan. When combined with the rice, saffron, and other meats and vegetables, the seafood creates a rich and flavourful dish that is perfect for any seafood lover.

Our Paella options, for your next event

Paella Mixta- mixed seafood with chicken and chorizo

Paella Valenciana- chicken and chorizo

Paella Marinera- mixed seafood

And, of course, we can also supply our vegetarian/vegan paella option in our smaller pan

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