Frequently Asked Sydney Wedding Questions

The Roo Brothers Catering Sydney and beyond

wedding frequently asked questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked wedding questions from many years of wedding catering in and around Sydney.We will work with you to ensure your wedding is tailored to your requirements

As the venue, food, beverages and wait staff take up a large proportion of your wedding budget, we recommend that the caterer your select for your special wedding day should be able to answer all this questions to ensure you make the right decision.

Remember the cheapest may not be the safest.

How many weddings do you do per year, and how long have you been in business?

Ask for recent references from previous weddings of similar food style and venues

Are you a Gold Licenced caterer?

A gold licence catering ensures that the caterer hold valid pulic and product liablity insurance, has a DA approved commerical kitchen and all catering staff are protected with workers compensation insurance

I have quotes from serveral catering companies and the prices vary, why?

Take the time to review each quote and compare what is included and what is not, so you don't have any surprises at the end of your wedding. Is GST included? Is the chef included in the price? Delivery fees? Is the kitchen equipment included based on the venue?

Do you offer menu tastings?

As great food is definitely an important aspect of a wonderful wedding. You need to be assured that you and your guests will enjoy the food at your wedding, so we strongly recommend that you arrange a menu tasting before commiting. Is it freshly prepared? How is it transported to my venues? How is it served?

Do you arrange a site inspection before my wedding?

This is imperative for a smooth running of any events so no big surprises on the big day. As all logisitcs have been orchestrated before the day.
Who has the keys? Is there a working oven large enough? All suppliers know where and when to arrive. Who is doing what and when? Who is cleaning the venue?

Do you make wedding cakes?

No as this is a specialist talent, we do, however, recommend Sweet Connoisseur Bill Penrose has this talent and expertise.

Do you supply wait staff? Is it included in the cost?

We only use professional wait staff, at competive rates, subject to penality rates such as public holidays, Sunday

Great food cannot help bad service from the floor staff

What is an acceptable wait staff to guest ratio

We recommend to ensure excellent service, 1 waiter per 20 guests for a canape, buffet, bbq or platter menus. For a formal dining wedding 1 waiter per 15 guests.

Do you have a wait staff uniform?

We love the classic French bistro wait staff uniform of open white shirt, long white apron, black shoes and pants and of course a smile

What time do the staff arrive?

Depending on your event, as it governs our arrival time. But we do arrive in plenty of time to set-up, chill the beverages and be ready for those early arriving guests.

Can you help with a venue or a marquee?

Sydney has many unique venue along with parks and reserves for marquee that we can assist you.

Do you set up the venue?

Absolutely, we can set up the tables chairs, plates, cutlery, table linen. Plus anything else that you would like on the tables, such as name tags, centre pieces, etc

What areas do you cater in and how far can to travel?

We cater all of Sydney and surrounds, but happy to discuss country areas. Travel fees apply.

Can you cater for specific dietary requirments?

Absolutely! From vegan, vegetarians to allegies and religious requests. Our kitchen, our pot and pans have never seen a peanut.

Do you cater for children?

Our slection of children menus are designed to please and eaten, with a mixture of healthy and classics