Bespoke gourmet BBQ catering Sydney


BBQ catering for weddings and events

There is nothing better than a great Australian bbq, not your sausage sizzle, but a high quality bbq using top quality ingredients and prepared by professional catering chefs in Sydney

"The smell of the bbq wafting through the harbourside venue was just so Sydney, so Australian"- Cosmo Bridal Magazine

All our bespoke gourmet bbq menus are interchangeable which can be served to your guests either as a traditional buffet, a standing buffet or as a relaxed platter style of service. Whether you are looking for a caterer for a wedding, a corporate event, fund raiser, a birthday party or any other special event, The Roo Brothers can customise a menu to suit your needs and budget. In order make sure your BBQ occasion is a stand out event for you and your guests to have a relaxed time, let the team at The Roo Brothers Catering look after all of the planning and execution fro start to finish. We, at The Roo Brothers Catering, take pride in ourselves by using only the finest ingredients and freshest seasonal produce, in addition to our interchangable innovative and custom menu design. We can cater for all different tastes and special dietary requirements.

BBQ Catering Locations in Sydney

With The Roo Brothers Catering we can cater for your event at a private residence, established venue or at any of the public parks throughout Sydney and beyond. We have a working knowledge in the requirements for most Sydney locations in regards to local council requirements and restrictions, such as public liability insurance and marquees. We can advise you with the many site options, the positives eg nearby toilets and negatives eg. no alcohol permitted. We regularly organise catering events in the Woollahara Council Parks, Centennial Parklands, North Sydney, Mosman including Balmoral Beach and Clifton Gardens.. Please don't hestitate to contact us as we are will happily walk you through the booking requirements of all Sydney locations and venues, should this be required for your next catering event.


sample sydney gourmet bbq menu

Char-grilled corn fed chicken served with coriander, mirin and sesame seed

Atlantic salmon with dill, lemongrass and ginger

Gourmet beef and thyme sausages

Char-grilled seasonal vegetable skewers with tofu and drizzled in extra virgin olive oil



Greek salad w Israeli cous cous, lebanese cucumber, cherry tomatoes, fresh oregano & lemon dressing

Roasted potato with mayonnaise and bacon

Mixed leaf with avocado and pinenuts



Slices of cold watermelon

sample sydney seafood bbq menu

marinated sword fish and scallop skewers with dill and a lemon zest

Baby snapper fillets with garlic and oregano

Chilli marinated baby octopus

marron lobster with lashings of butter and lemon zest-on request



asparagus, mushroom and goat cheese

iranian saffron cous cous with mixed herbs and vegetables

Heirloom tomato salad w bocconcini, basil pesto, purple basil, toasted pine nuts & tapenade dressing



watermelon vodka granita

indigenous inspired bbq menu sydney

Macadamia Lamb with a quandong jus

Marinated kangaroo fillets with a spicy bush tomato and pepperberry jam and glazed with native currant glaze

Oven roasted barramundi with bush tomatoes, lemon myrtle and pepper berry tapenade

premium Emu sausage with bush tomato

bbq seasonal vegetable skewers with native bushman spices



asparagus and green bean

native pepperberry potato

Wild Roasted Tomato with warrigal spinach



wattle seed deconstructed pavolva with indigenous wild fruits ( quandongs , riberries, wild rosellas) compote