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Our corporate and social responsibility

Social corporate social responsibility

We believe by our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is crucial to our business, clients and employee satisfaction. By taking action we can all make a real difference.

To better understand the directions The Roo Brothers have taken with our corporate social responsibility strategies, we have divided into three main types of CSR:

Environmental responsibility

Our commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly operations. We consider our environmental impact at every stage of our catering operation

Reducing the company’s carbon footprint or greenhouse gas emissions, opting for sustainable resources by avoiding single-use plastics and keeping environmental aspects at the heart of all operations. From sourcing local produce, keeping menus seasonal and only using re usable/recyclable food packaging to our clients. Single-use plastics are as much of a problem as actual wasted food.The food industry is one of the leading producers of waste in the world. Not only does this harm the ecosystem, but it harms humanity's future.

Ethical/human rights social responsibility

Our commitment is to operate our business in an ethical manner that upholds human rights principles, such as fair treatment of all stakeholders, fair trade practices and equal pay.

The Roo Brothers takes modern slavery seriously and is committed to taking action to remove all forms of modern slavery that may be present in our supply chain. We under take to identified high modern slavery risk. To that end, we ensure our best practice, see our modern slavery statement, which all of our contractors, sub contractors and suppliers must adhere to at all times.

Diversity and inclusion

The Roo Brothers Catering promote diversity from the inside out by our established inclusive hiring practice and encouraging our team to embrace different cultures, backgrounds and identities.