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Selecting a corporate catering company in Sydney


1. Consider your personal needs and event size when selecting a caterer

Make sure that the corporate caterer you hire for your event can handle the number of people you plan to invite. It is also crucial to consider what you’ll need from your caterer. Sometimes, you may need canapes and main course or entree and main course, or just one versus the other. Your caterer should be able to handle the size of your event without hesitation, given all the crucial details up front.

2. How flexibility is the corporate caterer

Event planners and hosts have the stressful job of preparing for anything that could happen, so it makes it easier on everyone if all parties are as flexible as possible. This is especially true when it comes to food. Allergies and preferences can complicate things, so having a chef that foresees and prepares for these details is important. Ask about any last minute pieces they might have had to pull together to get a sense of not only their creative problem solving and planning abilities, but also to see how flexible they have been for others.

A good office catering company should offer a diverse menu to cater for different tastes and dietary requirements. Look out for options that include vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free. This will ensure that all your staff members can find something they like or accommodates any dietary preferences.

3. Ingredients Quality

It's all about the food, which can only come with the quality raw produce. So, look out for a catering company that users fresh, locally sourced produce. Caterers that only use supplier that are HACCP all of which contribute to a safe, healthier and more enjoyable dining experience.

Remember, cheapest may not be the safest

4. On time, every time

Timing is everything, especially with meetings and boardroom lunches. Ensure that the food arrives/served on time with the visual appearance your expect with eco-friendly and sustainable packaging options.

5. Check out event caterer’s customer reviews before selecting them.

You want to trust that your caterer will follow through with their promises. The best way to ensure that you have chosen the right caterer is to double check your sources. If you heard of your caterer through a seemingly trustworthy source, make sure to ask around if your friends or colleagues have worked with them. This also applies if you were recommended through a friend. Be sure to check online sources as well.

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