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Substantial Canape Options Fork - Stand up fork foods

Fork foods are extremely popular as an alternative to a sit down event or buffet, more substantial than bite sized canapés alone

Designed to be eaten standing up or seated, with just a fork and can be served in a hand held ceramic noodle bowl, eco-friendly palm plates, timber boat, mini steamer basket or paper noodle box with a choice of silver or timber fork or chop sticks

Combined with our hand made canape selection, our fork food options makes for a complete meal replacement

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Quantity Recommendations as a meal replacement

Wedding - 6 canapes and three fork foods

Birthday - 8 canapes and one fork food plus a dessert canape

Corporate - 2 - 3 hour event - 6 canapes and one fork food plus a dessert canape

Sample Fork Foods - from the ground

Fresh ravioli butternut pumpkin OR 3 mushroom OR spinach ricotta with pine nut, served with burnt sage butter

Wild mushroom parmesan risotto truffle oil and rocket

Traditional Moroccan spiced chickpea and vegetable tagine

Sample Fork Foods - from the sea

Slow baked Tasmanian salmon fillet- broccolini, roasted cauliflower, green beans and Kefler potatoes finished with lemon sauce.

Barramundi fillet roasted vegetables and couscous salad finished with dill sauce

Sword fish -crispy lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, chilli, radish and ginger salad

Sample Fork Foods - from the land

Wattle seed and juniper crusted beef fillet - with baby vegetable and wild rocket salad, served with Illawarra plum jam

Twice cooked pork belly - with watercress and tomato salad and an Asian spiced jus

Miso poached corn fed chicken breast- with tahini rice and a lemon and soya glaze





fork food catering

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