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Your Sydney caterer for plant based canapes

Our vegan plant based style canapes reflects on experience, passion and love for the food we create. Vegan catering options is all about providing choice with the same service and quality as non vegans would expect

We combine great plant based food options with sumptuous gourmet finger food catering service for your next event. You can be sure that we have at The Roo Brothers plenty of vegan options to ensure a complete balanced menu and to experience a deliciously varied one. Every menu we have is fully adaptable for a vegetarian or vegan catering event, or alternatively we can create something just for you!

Our vegan and non vegan menu options contain ingredients direct from reputable local producers and are prepared fresh to order.

Sample Plant Based Canape Options

Nori rolls / pickled vegetables, cucumber, pickled ginger and soy

Rice paper rolls, / tofu, vegetables and a peanut dipping sauce

Lotus root / grilled vegetables and a tamarind/shallot puree

Zucchini roll-ups / asparagus and seasoned rice

Vegan slider / chickpea, caramelised onion, beetroot relish and cos on a bun

Cauliflower fritters / lemon zest bean dip

Sweet potato falafel / chick pea and hummus

Tomato and basil tartlets, braised eggplant ragout, dried cherry tomatoes

Sample Vegan Fork Food Options

Thai Red Vegetable Curry / lychees, coconut rice, lime leaves

Soft polenta, mixed mushroom and lemon thyme ragu

Traditional Moroccan / spiced chickpea and vegetable tagine

Sample Plant Based Dessert Options

Vegan Chocolate Raspberry/ vegan rice crispy biscuit, dark chocolate mousse and raspberry compote glaze

Lemon Slice/ coconut, cashews, almond, lemon, coconut milk, coconut oil, turmeric

Red Velvet Slice / coconut, cashews, almond lemon, coconut milk, coconut oil, berry crumble, beetroot, raspberry oil

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