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How to have an authentic Taco catered at your next event, wedding or themed corporate lunch

Food can make or break an event, and when it comes to catering, the stakes are higher. Gone are the days when the food at events consisted of generic dishes, placed in ladle-wielding "wet" dishes and consumed off-peak while trying to hold conversations. Welcome to the age of interactive food stations, a trend that's revolutionising event catering in exciting, tasty ways! For 2024 the craze is the inviting, beautifully presented, authentic Taco station. Either set up self serve or where meticulate Taco chefs make a variety of fresh tacos, tailoring the ingredients for each guest. Taco Food Stations can be adapted to various settings, including corporate events and wedding. The presentation and setup can be customized to match the formality of the event, providing a unique and memorable experience.The best thing to serve to wash down a taco is a classic Mexican-style lager, such as Corona, if you want to add a little more sophistication to the experience, you’re sure to please a crowd with our bespoke Paella Station and fresh margaritas.

taco shells stand

Taco Catering Options 2024

indigenous inspired tacos

lemon myrtle barramundi

Kunzea, green tomatillo and coriander salsa verde

guacamole with lemon myrtle oil, and saltbush

Kangaroo pieces marinates in wattleseed lemon myrtle and groung bush tomato

char-grilled seasonal vegetables native bushman BBQ spices

Classic Tacos with a twist

Spicy shredded chicken

Shredded pulled pork

Chili con carne

Condiments include

Mexican beans, Shredded cheese, Shredded iceberg lettuce

Sliced Black olives, Diced tomato, Guacamole (lots)

Jalapeno salsa verde

Sour cream, Coriander,

Spanish sliced onion

Soft corn tortilla and Taco shells

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