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Catering For Special Dietary Requirements

Gluten free catering Sydney

Why?: Gluten intolerance, celiac disease, affects 1 in 100 people in the UK and Australia. We need to ensure they eat as well as other guests. It's important to be aware of all dietary requirements of your guests.

In recent years the popularity of the gluten free diet has soared amongst those who do not suffer from coeliac disease or a gluten intolerance; the increase in popularity has seen a boom in quality readily available gluten free products thus now an intolerance that is easy to cater with our many delicious gluten free options.

With more Australians living with food intolerances or allergies, and voluntary diets becoming increasingly popular, the likelihood of catering for special dietary requirements is more common than ever.

Different People, Different Needs

Vegan FODMAP, dairy free /lactose intolerance, religious requirements: such as halal or kosher, just to name a few

We take catering for dietary requirements very seriously, especially nut allergens.

With increase in special dietary requirements and allergens in recent years we have created a great range of catering options for guests with special diet / religious needs. We have no doubt that your guests will be pleasantly surprised and well fed.

It may seem daunting initially, but it will be well worth the effort on the big day. Event companies and good caterers have the ability to solve all these logistical challenges, as we do this every day.

The More Detail The Better Your Event

Request that guests indicate their dietary requirements when they submit their event RSVPs.

Forward all dietary requirements received to us as soon as possible. This avoids any food wastage for unnecessarily prepared meals, or general confusion regarding overall catering numbers. Many of our catering options can be adjusted to suit and we always allow a certain percentage of extra last minute dietary requests on the day. If guests have complex dietary specifications, ask them to send through as much detail as they feel necessary about what they can and cannot eat. We prefer to have as much information as possible about we they are cooking for, so do not hold back from providing us with in-depth detail.

Other Special Dietary Considerations

Some dietary considerations do not fall under the umbrellas of religion, culture or health. They may include:

Pregnancy – During pregnancy, foods like fish, shellfish, alcohol and others may be avoided. Be sure to ask your guest about their specific needs.

Alcohol-free – Some guests may request alcohol-free beverage and food options. These guests may or may not also consume products with caffeine, so be sure to have a variety of caffeine-free options available beyond water.