Sydney Food Stations Catering


Our catering Food Stations in and around Sydney are a popular approach to food service for people who prefer a more casual, congenial atmosphere. The perfect solution for non-traditional wedding reception spaces and large scale corporate events with our many unique options, styles and tastes. Our food stations made from only the freshest produce plus is adds a bit of "theatre" to the event and offers an opportunity for guests to mingle. Interactive food stations, in the catering world, have now taken on a life of its own. The great thing about food stations, is that you can completely customise it to your taste and offer your guests more variety than a traditional plated dinner service but our dessert station is always a big hit following a plated meal

How Food Stations or Standing Buffets menus work

Food stations are like a buffet in the sense that guests make their way to where the food is laid out, the food is usually bite sized or eaten with a fork and small hand held plate and cooked fresh at the station. Each station offering a unique kind of fare, served to you and your guests by an actual chef. We can offer and suggest particular stations that would work well for the occasion, the event style and more importantly, the venue. Our food stations can be themed with food carts, dressed up market stalls to rustic canoes

Food station ideas

Oyster bar

oyster bar food station

Freshly shucked oysters served on ice in our oyster stand with condiments on ice

We can also arrange an ice bar and have a chef shuck your fresh oyster to order.

Sushi and sashimi station

oyster bar food station

Have professional Japanese chefs roll sushi to order with market fresh sashimi perfectly sliced.

BBQ Food station

bbq food station catering

Chefs cooking on the BBQ to order with the smells wafting through the crowd.


Mediterranean Station

Mediterranean food station catering sydney

A Taste of the Mediterranean delicious, fresh and healthy food. lamb koftas, chicken shish kebabs, beef souvlaki, grilled Mediterranean vegetables fresh chickpea hummus with flat breads

Taco Bar

taco bar food station catering

Taco bars are huge right now, especially for outdoor, casual, or beach venues. Our taco bars offer delicious fillings, like grilled lime prawns, steak and indigenous inspired barramundi, alongside classic toppings like guacamole, shredded cheese, sour cream, traditional and indigenous inspired salsas. Place this station next to a margarita bar for the full effect




Live Wok food station

wok station catering sydney

Chaing Mai Noodles, Thai Soy Sauce Noodles, Pad Thai- Everyone's Favourite! and Kung Pao Chicken

Yum cha

yum cha food station catering sydney

A selection of steamed canapé sized treats served in the traditional bamboo baskets. BBQ pork buns, vegetarian dumplings, prawn dumpling, dim sum

Paella Station

paella food station sydney catering

Traditional Paella pans with Virgen de la Esperanza Arroz rice and saffron. The ingredients included spicy chorizo sausage, prawns, mussels, chicken, peas, artichokes and jalapeno peppers.




Grazing Station

food station grazing table

Delicious food beautifully presented on our rustic tables where your guests may help themselves to a variety of menu options, tastes and styles.




Burger Bar

burger bar catering food stations

Burgers and Sliders made to order. This interactive burger bar allows your guests to build their own ultimate burger or slider with various choices available including vegetarian options, onion, tomato, lettuce and of course the beetroot

Quirky Dessert Stations

quirky dessert bar catering sydney

This station can be set up in so many ways with so many options. Lolly bar, donut station, gelato, canape desserts plus much more




Late Night Station

At about 11pm the munchies start, you want some something moorish, comfort food like

Sausage sizzle

bbq station catering sydney

Quality beef and thyme sausages served in a bun with carmalised onion and a choice of bbq or tomato sauce

Carved Ham Station

late ham station catering sydney

with rolls and a selection of condiments. Another great late night snack!