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selecting a corporate caterer in sydney

Corporate catering in Sydney

Selecting the right corporate caterer is vital for your next upcoming working lunch, boardrom lunch with clients and the next networking event. Below are some tips to ensure that you can select the right caterer for your next corporate event to ensure everything goes to plan.

1) Does the corporate caterer have the expertise?

The first thing to establish is if the corporate or event caterer has the expertise. You have to know!
Off site catering is something not all chefs and service personnel can do, it needs the ability to adapt to changing situations and enviroments. Corporate events are well known for last minute change, the guest speaking is running late, last minute number increases, a surprise vegetarian, the list goes on. Can your catering company deal with this without the "dramas" and finger pointing. More importantly, can your caterer be ready and have the solutions.

2) Are the caterers gold licenced?

Professional corporate caterers  should have a valid gold licence. A gold licence requires caterers to hold valid insurances including workers compensation, the food is prepared in DA approved commerical kitchen, the kitchen is inspected by local authorities . At least one member of staff holds a food safety certificate and the food is transport in a controlled enviroment, not just stacked on bread crates in the back of the family car. I have see it.

3) Adaptable and Seasonal menus

Ask if menus are changed according to the season for example lamb is at its peak in spring. Seasonal produce are usually local, thus reducing produce milage. Ask if you can change the menu to suit one particular event.  We have one CEO that doesn't like orange food, why, I don't know, so no orange food, no sweet potato mash, no pumpkin, no carrot.


Any event can be a triumph if planned well and best caterer is chosen. Professional caterers want your event to be that triumph as much as you and will go that extra to ensure that is does!



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