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working lunches with a difference

Tired of the same triangle sandwiches, day in and day out for your corporate catering in Sydney? Corporate companies, which once thought little about food menus served in their offices, are now starting to take note of calories, nutrition, portion sizes, meal ingredients and food preparations to push better eating behaviors amongst professionals. A growing number of corporations are opting for professional catering services that focus on health and nutrition when feeding their workforce and clients. Catering menus offering healthy meals made from fresh, high-quality ingredients are becoming standard.

Beyond simply providing good nutrition, as a professional catering company we continue to tailor our menus to add foods that naturally provide many health benefits. Wre have through our healthy-meals has, in the last few years, separated itself from the crowd by offering a wide variety of menu items for celiacs, diabetics, and professionals with food allergies.

Looking for some healthy working lunch options


Why not try for your next corporate catered event, some healthy, fresh hand-held fork foods for lunch. It a great way to you and clients to continue the "networking" over lunch.

These small ceramic bowls can either be left on a buffet for your guests to help themselves or have our professional waiters assist in the service.

Some ideas for these fork foods include:-

Traditional Moroccan spiced chickpea and vegetable tagine Lemongrass and ginger crusted

King fish with an Asian herb salad and lime chilli dressing

Miso poached corn fed chicken breast with tahini rice and a lemon and soya glaze

Moroccan spiced beef on a bed of Israeli couscous with preserved lemon

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